Belo & Kies Construction (Pty) Ltd

The company is privately owned and was formed in 2000 and commenced business in May of that year.  The two directors, Wimpie Kies and Victor Belo were up to then employed by one of the major construction companies.  They are highly experienced and competent team leaders in the construction industry.  Both felt the urge to start their own business.  The mix of a good academic qualification and a very good practical grounding has stood the company in good stead and it progressed well.

The shareholders vision for the company is to be acknowledged as a reputable construction company delivering a quality product safely, RIGHT FIRST TIME ON TIME.

Following from the above, the company mission is to earn consistently good profits by dealing with selected clients who have the undoubted ability to pay on time.

To support the company vision and achievement of the mission a working methodology have been formulated and this is recorded as the company’s shared values. This pulls through to individuals in the management structure and read as follows:

I will take ownership of my area of responsibility and at all times be aware that I project the image of the Company.

I will:
  • Act with integrity – my word is my bond
  • Project a professional appearance
  • Be receptive to change and training
  • Set and work towards my personal goals
  • Adopt a facilitative management style by being reasonable
  • By listening to other views
  • By being non-racist
  • By communicating my instructions clearly and by closing the loops
  • Paying a fair days wage for a fair days work
  • Work scientifically to address daily the aspects of:
    • Planning
    • Organising
    • Motivation Action
    • Control
  • Adhere to safe working practices
  • Make sure I understand the financial implications of my responsibilities
  • Cultivate energy to ensure I deliver a quality product RIGHT FIRST TIME ON TIME
The company is the holder of a number of Health and Safety awards and strive to have its systems in line with OHSAS 18001 AND ISO 14001 guidelines.

About The Company

The company has completed over 446 contracts since inception with Commercial and Industrial work being its main focuses. The company is a member of MBA, CIDB and NHBRC.

The company currently has projects in a number of locations spread across the country.

The administrative office and plant yard are situated at 347 Fernandes Street, Bredell in Kempton Park. For further information or enquiries please feel free to contact Wimpie Kies.

What My Customers Think

We at Rustenburg Toyota are in the process of erecting a new dealership, 8 600 sq.m. in size, which is small in the Belo & Kies contexts. It is truly a pleasure to work with professionals that have pride in their work, on time and at a great price. Our dealership will be a great testament for Belo & Kies. This will certainly not be the last project that we’ll do together. Any enquiries welcome.Johann Snyman - Chairman, National Dealer Advisory Counsil
Belo and Kies Construction Company, constructed and completed the following builds and projects for Virgin Active South Africa.

  • “Soweto “Mopanya Mall Virgin Active”
  • “Sunny Side Virgin Active”
  • “Major refurbishment of our Hatfield Virgin Active”

  • And” is currently busy constructing the Waterfall Lifestyle Virgin Active.
    All these mentioned facilities forms part of our estate of world class health Clubs that we at Virgin Active presents to the world and is proud of.
    Their commitment, professional project support and understanding of the Virgin Active World Class design expectations in tandem with our timeliness, allows them to be one of our preferred construction companies, which we can be proud of.
    Virgin Active thanks the directors and staff of “Belo and Kies Construction Company” for their commitment to date.Jacques Jacobs - National Construction Project Manager, Virgin Active South Africa
    We have no hesitation in recommending Belo & Kies for any project in the future, and will gladly act as reference should any other party wish to make reference to your capabilities, character and attitude in the construction arena.Eddie Serton, CPRO Project Management
    We have enjoyed working with Belo & Kies Construction and found them to be a company that is extremely reliable and who delivers a quality product on time, at competitive rates. Their staff is always cooperative and proactive. We will have no hesitation to recommend them for future projects.Wynand Muller, GK Project and Cost Engineering